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Tuesday, 31 July 2007


My first teaching day arrived and with it my deepest emotions aroused at once.I wanted to be a good teacher,I wanted to test the knowledge gained in several years of study.I was eager to please my principal(at that time Moises Herbas Rico)and my students as well.I wanted to be part of that great family.My ex-colleagues treated me as one of them,I mean they make me feel another Bolivian teacher , despite the fact of being Argentinian "a GAUCHO" as they call Argentinians.My dear ex-colleagues gave me the confidence to continue teaching,they were inthose terrible days of loneliness,especially my dear friend GABRIEL GUTIERREZ CASTRO ,an excellent teacher, skilfull and wise in every aspect of life.Gabriel outstanding performance at school lead him to continue in his post , being the best Geography,Civics,and History teacher I have ever known.
Moises Herbas Rico,Damian Lizarazu Escobar,Pastor Cobarrubias,Pastor Uyardo,Avelino Saravia Machaca,Juan Calle Medina,Lucio Villazante Guzman,Pablo Orellana Rivas,Martin Laime Roca,Oscar Ayala Yupanqui,Lorenzo Aguilar Antelo,Franklin Mamani Vasquez, Ruben Camacho Orellana,Mario Corpus Luna and my English replacement my namesake Luis ENRIQUE Loza Vega, good luck boy.They were another closest friends , with them,I shared many hours of school.They are reliable people , funny people ,I laught a lot with them.I always remember their jokes and their especial and friendly way of dealing with students.My friends,excellent people.
The rest of the guys were my company and my help in many teaching hours , my deepest recognition to them, they are:Sergio Cardozo Ichazo,Eduardo the other regent, Angel Quispe Chura, what a funny guy,Eladio Ortiz Nogales ,Nogales like one of my towns,and all the people that help me at that time.Thank you guys.....
The ladies , ohhh the ladies,my dear friends as well.Ana Maria Camacho de Arteaga,Rosely Zeballos Salazar,Marcela Subirana De Marzana,Elena Gomez Camacho,Olguita Vargas Ortiz,Ruth Vega Vaca,Mabelita Morales Morales,Maria Carrasco Covarrubias ,Janeth Montaño Moreno,Adelita Justiniano Leigue,Neydita Hoyos Gallardo,Mirtha Rios De Castedo,Betty Victoria Eguez Montero,Nati Terrazas Ortuño, Marlen Montaño Garcia and many others that I do not recall at this moment , sorry about that.Your faces live in my heart for ever.They were always on the spot light ,always prepared, really devoted to the students and with a huge heart as well.I will never forget them.
I would not like to forget to mention anyone, you my BOLIVIAN friends ,treat me as another BOLIVIAN teacher , you make feel confortable , joyful, you all deserve my deepest admiration, recognition and thankfulness.I love you very much.
I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!