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Saturday, 29 September 2007


The great myth about divorce is that marital break up is an increasing threat to Latin families, with each generation finding their marriages less stable than those of their parents. I have read that the story of ever-increasing divorce is a powerful narrative. It is also wrong. In fact, the divorce rate has been falling continuously over the past quarter-century, and is now at its lowest level since 1970. While marriage rates are also declining, those marriages that do occur are increasingly more stable. For instance, marriages that began in the 1990s were more likely to celebrate a 10th anniversary than those that started in the 1980s, which, in turn, were also more likely to last than marriages that began back in the 1970s.
The facts are that divorce is down, and today’s marriages are more stable than they have been in decades.
Family is very important for us.Do not believe about what other people may tell you.


I have been waiting for this many years, In The Forbidden Kingdom, 2 Chinese kung fu superstars Jackie Chan and Jet Li will be joining forces.
The world and me are waiting for the clash of the titans. All eyes are on the first action film featuring two of the most famous Chinese kung fu superstars – Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Usually Jet Li is the action director for most of his movies. But this time he decided not to do that. He said that he wanted to be fair and not impose his own fighting styles in this movie because he (Li) is in it.
I am very pleased that they will have Yuen Wo Ping as their choreographer as he is familiar with both of them.

Chan, Li, the cast and crew of The Forbidden Kingdom were doing a shoot set in ancient China and at a film studio.
The story is about a young American (Michael Angarano) who wishes he knew Chinese martial arts.
When the young man finds a mysterious fighting staff in a shop in Boston’s Chinatown, he is transported back in time to ancient China. There he finds himself part of a dangerous quest of returning a lost staff to the Monkey King.
He meets the characters played by Li and Chan and others from classical Chinese fighting novels and legends. Finally, he learns the real meaning of kung fu. The main actors and crew assembled at Hengdian where several fight and romance scenes were being shot.
The characters in the film include Jason Tripitikas (Michael Angarano), Lu Yan (Jackie Chan), Silent Monk (Li), Golden Sparrow (Liu Yifei), Grey-Haired Demoness (Li Bingbing) and Jade Warlord (Collin Chou).
The film is scheduled to be released before the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 to be held next August.

They are my favourite actors and I started watching Li’s movies like Shaolin Temple when I was finishing secondary school.
I will wait for the film eagerly .

ENTRY 33,(revision of entry 32)KISS OF THE DRAGON,THEME

As I wrote in my32 entry,promises are relevant in life and I believe that keeping one's word is one of the most basic principles of human conduct.
In Kiss of the Dragon, the theme of the story also revolves around one man's promise to a woman. The protagonist is not an earth shaking hero who saves the day, but instead of that , a very professional and dedicated worker. What happens is that he inadvertently makes a promise to a woman. In fact keeping his word may not be in his best interest, but in the end he decides that a man must keep his word. In order to fulfill this promise, though, he might have to violate the rules of his work, the orders of his superiors and possibly even the laws of his country. This is exactly the kind of thing that he has been indoctrinated not to do. But he feels that his integrity as an individual must come first.
Call me a very traditional person, but I feel very strongly about these things.The movie is about a simple, subtle promise. Of course, the action sequences in Kiss of the Dragon are very realistic and grounded like those in Fist of Legend . It is an action movie, but it's not purely about action. There's a strong flavor of something else inside.


Just last night I watched again the completed version of Kiss of the Dragon.
After Romeo Must Die was released many fans gave their opinions about the film -- what they liked and didn't like, what they wanted to see in Jet's future films -- and so I realized that many of these suggestions were accepted when developing Kiss of the Dragon. I also gave my honest opinion.
The film utilizes very realistic, hard-core, action-packed fight sequences. I'm very happy of the final result and I hope that the other fans enjoy the film too. However, this is a fim that I do not feel is appropriate for children.
Over the years, I've read many suggestions from people about which of Jet's films are their favorite. Some people like Fist of Legend ... some people like My Father is a Hero. It is impossible to please all of the people in the world a film. Kiss of the Dragon is an adult movie and deals with adult themes of a man keeping his promise and understanding his responsibilities. The action scenes are also directed towards an adult audience and as such the movie is rated R. I believe that you please do not let your young children to see Kiss of the Dragon.
If you would like a movie to share with your children,The One is a PG-13 film and more appropriate for younger children to view.
Finally,I want to say that I'm happy with how this movie turned out and I hope that after watching it, you will share my enthusiasm.