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Monday, 7 April 2014


The digital life skills list you need to share with your class.


We all have our personal list of tribal knowledge we live by on a daily basis.  The essential macros we mentally press together to survive.  Look both ways before crossing the street.  Smell the milk before pouring it when it’s a few weeks old.  Turn on the lights before walking through a dark room.
How about a list of things to know when trying to survive the digital world?  After all, our online abilities have already bled very far into our real lives, meaning we need to develop and share tribal knowledge in those arenas as well.  Particularly to our students, who will be navigating those uncharted waters far deeper than we ever did.
Terry Heick of TeachThought has put together an incredible omnibus listing of skills we ought to be ensuring our students know, to be successful.  Things like ensuring they know the difference between fact and opinion.  How to self-guide their own learning.  The differences between in-person communications and on line communications.
Heick has broken up the list into 13 categories and a whopping total of 63 digital life skills to find out just how far you can help guide your students down those informational streams…