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Tuesday, 15 May 2007


Everybody knows that when two older people meet in the streets, the first thing they talk about is the good old days.But were they really good?.I do not think so!!,perhaps they were different,or may be better to certain aspects.
According to many parents,people in the past felt safer ,they say that mums could send their kids to play in the streets without worrying they would be attacked or offered drugs by someone.
In what refers to wages, although they were much lower at that time,people's money just seemed to go further.For instance,many grandparents assert that in their times,they used to buy lots of food, and they also went out on vacation for several weeks without worrying about money.They also say that families felt more contented not only with each other,but by the government as well.But there are other reasons why that people feel that life has become infinetely less pleasant.Many years ago people did not have worry about pollution,crime and the terrible stress.
I believe that ,to a certain extent they are right.However,I consider that life is better nowadays.The standard of living is rising.People have shorter working hours, as a result they can spend more time with their families.Apart from that,today people are better educated, and with more opportunities in what refers to work.(better salaries).
Today's society is more open.Single mums are not ostracised,they have the freedom to decide what is best for their babies.
Althoug many people consider that they were happier in the past, there are factors and circumstances in life when this does not apply.
Many people look back at "the good old days" through rose-tinted glasses.
I know that life is not perfect today, but at least we have a bit more money and the freedom to decide how we want to live our lives.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007


I do not need much time to realise that animals behave better than people.It is said that animals resemble their owners in the way they behave.But do animals are nicer than people?
may be yes, may be no ! !!!!sometimes!!!!or better said,very often!!!!.
Animals do not leave their cubs abandoned in the jungle or elsewhere in order to start another family or to escape from a responsibility.Furthermore,animals do not destroy the environment,like human beings do.Animals do not betray to each other ,especially in order to get power or to avoid troubles,as human beings are accustomed doing.I am neither a resented,nor a sad person ,I do not feel myself aggrieved.I am just stating the facts I know.I like to socialize and to be happy with my peers and family.
People should consider that there is a time to share with animals and a moment for sharing with people.From my point of view,I would say that "both sides of the coin"are important animals and people.

I would really like to receive your comments,so as to know your point of view about this issue.Or may be one of the previous ones .
BYE,BYE................................................AND HAVE A NICE DAY MY FRIENDS! !!!!! !!!!!.


People like talking about their dreams because it is a good way of relaxing ,and what is more it increases peoples'good humour.
Trying to make a dream come true seems to be something improbable in our times.There are financial problems all over the world, but it is not so difficult if we try to focus in our main objectives ,and leave our problems aside.
One of the most usual ways of chasing dreams,is to study,because through a degree we are able to get recognition and a nice salary as well.Having finished a long career people can achieve dreams.For instance a post-grade course abroad, a trip around the world, and of course a respectable job.
For young children and adolescents , chasing dreams is very important for their mental development because through dreaming they are able to growp up happy and with a heart plenty of good feelings and emotions as well.
Personally speaking,I belive that chasing dreams is a an excellent way of encouraging myself ,because if I think of my dreams, my aims, I will be more determined in my convictions.
Nowadays,people should think of their way of making dreams come true ,by doing this, they will probably feel better, and they will be able to face their problems with a different disposition.
All in all, I firmly believe that everything is related to the COURAGE OF ONE'S CONVICTIONS


Education for most of us is one the biggest values in our times.People today are getting much more education than their parents did.
Many years ago,education seemed to be intended only to people with a high standard of living.Therefore,a lot of people stayed out of the system,like many parents of my generation .they were no able to fulfill their aims due to the fact that they had to work in order to feed themselves .

On the other hand,nowadays' education offers a wide range of possibilities,not only for those who have a good way of living,but for those poor people who lack a minimum income.The latter want a good education so as to get a worthwhile job.What is more having a nice job,they would be able to educate their children ,too.We know that their future is closely bound up with EDUCATION,so their struggle is hard to achieve their goals.
It is already known that education in Tucuman lacks of everything,such as good buildings,and teachers.
It seems that the Educational officials and our Ministry of Education are trying to fix everything, at least they seem to be resolute men and women,I hope they succeed in their enterprise.
I what refers to my life, I have been to overcome many educational difficulties so far , and I also know that I will have many more.I am not afraid of that.I just live my life, I enjoy my time now,today.I do not think about tomorrow, because tomorrow will bring it own problems!!!!.There is no need to worry!!!.Or not?
I am in the right track,I will keep up studying,until I complete my degree.Then who knows?When I get my hoped degree I will tell you.Till then,

Tuesday, 8 May 2007


Hydrogen is the news again.Why?.Because fossil fuels are running out at an incredible speed.
I believe that our country should invest in laboratories,research centres,scientists and engineers to promote hydrogen as an alternative to petroleum.Moreover,those reserchers should find the way to reduce the cost and improve the practicality of hydrogen-powered vehicles.
I consider relevant the opinion of a well known engineer from Argentina.It states that President Kirchner must invest at leastU$S1 billion(in US 1+9 zeros,in UK 1+12 zeros)in order to start the long waited initiative to foster clean air and lessen dependence on imported oil.
The different ministries and deparments that are responsible for those areas.Such as, Economy, Health,Production,etc should conduct the marriage of automakers with energy companies.For instance,Renault with Shell,Ford and Fiat with Petrobras,etc to encourage research and set standards for refueling hardware.
Argentina should follow the example of Brasil in what refers to new fuel alternatives to petroleum.In Tucuman,Mr Alperovich should do the things that are supposed to be done by an elected representative of our province,like the correct control and regulation of carbon dioxide emissions of our battered public transport system,because when you look at those "buses",you expect them to explode or get burned at least.
All in all,I hope that something has to be done, and now!!!!otherwise our environment will be doomed.


Drugs are a serious problem in our society, but it is even worse among people who practise any sport.What was discovered recently in The Major League of baseball,is the latest blow to a sport that has been battered by thew issue of steroid use.
Everyone knows that the great majority of sports are enhanced by performance-enhancing drugs.
It happens the same in our country.We all are aware of Maradona's case.The poor man is still in the struggle for "escaping" from his addiction.But above all the main difference with the U.S,is its legal system. They do give punishment,such as 25 years in prison,u$s 500.000 in fines,etc.
On the other hand, in our legal system, drug dealers never go to prison.They neither receive life imprisonment,nor get maximum fines.If they are sent to prison,they receive a very especial treatment,they go to V.I.P prisons, where they can continue their illegal activities.The drug lords are rarely sent to common prisons.Bad luck to all of us,the good citizens, you and me the ones who build with our humble effort our beloved country ARGENTINA.
All in all,I would like to quote the following words from the BIBLE "LET US NOT BECOME WEARY OF DOING GOOD FOR IN DUE SEASON WE SHALL REAP A HARVEST IF WE DO NOT GIVE UP"



Most pictures are about memories,and most people would like to re-live those marvellous times.I agree about using photographs retouching services.Althoug the fixing process is sometimes expensive,it is well worth doing the restoration.Moreover,if we take into consideration that everything is related to image,appearance,glamour,fashion and the T.V itself, altogether I would say it is a great choice doing the picture fixing.
I have recently surfed many web sites selling professional retouching services, and what I found and learned about that particular job was extremely amazing.For instance,one of this companies can clean up your skin or trimming a few inches from your waist.
Another company, is also able to edit people in and out of your best photographs.
One of the relevant aspects that I founnd in this issue, were the retouchers who specialize in restoring damaged photographs, use many of the same basic techniques and software available in most home-computers.
All of the restoration artists say it is crucial for them to provide as much detail as they can by scanning images at the highest possible resolution.
I believe that as a customer, I would choose a family photo to retouch.I agree with Mr. Winkler(owner of one of this sites)when he says;"I try to focus on what I do best,which is bring old or damaged photos back to life".
Finally, I would like to say that harsh reality is not what people want.


I believe that Mr. Bush should consider the withdrawal of all U.S forces from Iraq,inmediately.Stop the slaugther of hundreds of innocent civilians.Stop the U.S bloody business.Send the troops home now!!!!.
According to the latest news,conditions in Iraq may get harder before they get easier and will require an enormous commitment over time by the U.S government.The fact is that harder conditions mean in this context ,great U.S losses.
A great majority of the U.S population,is against this unprovoked and false war.The U.S government neither fight for "freedom",nor for the peace of millions.
The U.S government i fighting for money(oil),power and to stimulate its evil, brutal and relentless imperialism.
On the other hand, the Iraqi people are determined to fight against this cruel oppression .In fact they were born for fighting.
They have been doing this for thousands of years(because everyone knows their history!!!!)and they will continue doing the same thing;to fight, to defend what they believe is fair.
We,the Argentinian people,I think, would do the very same thing.
Another relevant aspect in this hot issue, is that every single day, more and more Iraqi citizens rise up against their imperialist oppressors.
All in all,the only thing to be done so far ,is to pray,not only for the world's peace, but for the families from both sides as well.