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Thursday, 28 June 2007

ENTRY 30(revision of entry 25)

In the book Fahrenheit 451, written by Ray Bradbury, the author has added the effect of parallelism of today's society and his fictional society in which Guy Montag, the main character, lives. There are both similarities and differences to the societies, such as their society burns books, and our society ban them.The similarities are that our societies authorities are taking away our first right, the freedom of press.Things that you can compare from the fictional society and today's society is that there is a amazing technology, the technology of the Mechanical Hound, the hand key, the seashell, the green bullet, the parlor. Today's society is technical; we have small computers, big and flat televisions, movile phones, fax machines, ATMs.Things you can contrast are how much better their technology is. They have walkie-talkies and radios that fit in your ear instead of in your hand, Televisions that are used as walls instead of eye sores on the wall. Their way of executing someone is by the Mechanical Hound, a deadly robot with poison, apposed to our society's lethal injection .But,do you think that living in a technical world would destroy human relationships?.Technology is very advanced and seems to get people's attention. "You're not important. You're not anything" (Bradbury 163). This quote makes you realize that technology is taking over humans and the world has to do something about it.What do we have to do to prevent technology from taking over us? Do we have to risk our lives? if people read books, they will learn about the history of the world and aspects they don't understand. Books will teach people new lessons without the use of technology. Like I mentioned before, technology is also damaging ways of communicating. People focus more on technology than in their personal lives. If we communicate a lot more and become more social, we would probably get along better with each other and this will make fewer conflicts in the world.

Friday, 22 June 2007


Reading is the key to both knowledge and intellectual ability.It opens the door to the treasury of human thought and knowledge.
The custom of reading and the love of books must be established in childhood.If you want your children tobe wise and successful at school and in life, read to them aloud daily for 20 minutes.You must not postpone reading to your children.Start as soon as possible.When?.Let us read to an infant,holding him in our arms,looking at him with love , and arousing his interest with our voice,in this way a lasting association of reading with a feeling of security,pleasure ,and closeness is formed.Additionally,it stimulates his mental development.
Reading aloud teaches children to think,it helps them to understand other people ,the world and themselves , arouses interest develops imagination ,stimulates emotional development ,cultivates sensitivity and empathy,teaches moral values and builds self-esteem.Undoubtedly,it is the antidote against many undesirable influences that threaten children's minds and hearts.

As a father of two daughters ,my heart was deeply touched by doing this king of reading.It really works.I recommend it to you.I wish that all the world's parents could read their children.
While reading to your children try to use good diction and pronunciation.A child learns language by hearing parents speak.With very good children, point out and name people and objects depicted in story-books .When the childis older ,choose books that focus on his current favourite topics.

Thursday, 21 June 2007


Have you seen Schindler’s List? . I would like you to comment some of the main aspecst about this marvellous film.
Oskar Schindler struggles to save a group of Jews from death at the hands of the Nazis.
Schindler, a Nazi war profiteer and womanizer, upon witnessing increasing violence and killing of Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland, undergoes a slow transformation, becoming a compassionate man obsessed with saving the lives of the Jewish workers in his factory.
As Schindler witnesses the evacuation of the Kraków ghetto, he sees a little girl in a red coat. The image and the violence he witnesses so move him that his humanity is awakened, and he realizes he must do something to help.
After witnessing the evacuation of the Jewish ghetto, Schindler realizes his factory is a heaven for Jews and begins actively to give Stern expensive goods to use as bribes to bring more Jews into his factory, where he can keep them at least somewhat safe.I found this themes . The triumph of the human spirit; the difference one individual can make; the dangerous ease of denial
Lists; trains; death
The girl in the red coat; the road paved with Jewish headstones; piles of personal items.
Schindler has to rescue Stern from a train bound for a death camp, foreshadowing his eventual rescue of all of his workers. The appearance of tables for processing Jews foreshadows death. Schindler’s use of bribery early in the film for his own gain foreshadows his use of bribery to purchase the Jews.

ENTRY 27(revision of entry 8)

I am 35 years old,I like to read a lot,especially about our great history.However,Malvinas war was one of the many that call my attention.I have read,I have watched, and I have listened a lot about this issue.So as far as I know,I believe I may have the right to write about this hot issue.I am aware that many young countrymen who fought in that improvised war,were severely punished for their actions or lack of actions in combat.But I have to take into consideration both sides of the story.I was a soldier in 1991 ,I belonged to the glorious 19th infantry regiment corp located in Tucuman at that time.Therefore, I know the military code and I also know that during war times,lack of discipline,mutiny and cowardice are punished with the capital punishment.I have to be consciously objective in my analysis of whatever has happened in our islands.I only want justice,but not a manipulated justice for those who fought and died in our islands.Let us refer back to our memory and give the war veterans the recognition and justice they deserve and expect from us so eagerly. I WILL NOT DISAPPOINT THEM,WILL YOU?.
FERNANDA MARTIN SAID :My friend promises are promises and I take them seriously. I read your entry but It let me shattered into pieces as soon as I percieved the indignation and dejection this topic brings about to me, to my mind.Yet what i most value is your persistance in a topic which is still regarded a hot debate in our society nowadays.

ENTRY 26 (revision of entry 4)

I'm one of the lucky who found the path to happiness and fitness ,and that path is practising Tai chi.Tai chi is recommended for everyone ,without age limit,it is for you and me ,for your friends and my friends.All the people are welcomed to this discipline.I hope some day we gather to share it,and I'll say:thanks for coming!!!!.you are welcome to change your life, you are welcome to re-born.A new beggining is ahead.Don't waste your time, hurry up!!!
Nowadays, my first priority in life is practising Tai Chi.By practising everyday,I feel better than before (I devote 40' a day, at least), If I feel happy , I can study,I can work, I can enjoy my family ,I can reinforce the relationship with my peers and classmates, etc.
By practising Tai Chi Chuan,I have realized that I have many things to correct in my life.Before that, may be I did not want to open my eyes and to see the bad aspects of my soul.Frailties that are difficult to erase or change in a blink of an eye from my soul.Not to worry, or not to get angry, or not to be sad to mention a few of them.Those feelings are present in our everyday life.Those are feelings that cause us suffering and pain.Feelings that we must get rid of and reject from our heart.Otherwise they will ruin our body and soul, and we have just one body!!!!!.I don't want to sound over-optimist or careless or cold heart.The fact is that I do have my worries,I do get angry and I do get sad,but the big difference is that the time piriod of that terrible feeling is getting shorter everyday.WE WERE BORN TO BE HAPPY, NOT TO SUFFER!!!!!.DIFFICULT, BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 20 June 2007


In the book Fahrenheit 451, written by Ray Bradbury, the author has added the effect of parallelism of today's society and his fictional society in which Guy Montag, the main character, lives. There are both similarities and differences to the societies, such as their society burns books, and our society ban them.
The similarities are that our societies authorities are taking away our first right, the freedom of press.
Things that you can compare from the fictional society and today's society is that there is a amazing technology, the technology of the Mechanical Hound, the hand key, the seashell, the green bullet, the parlor. Today's society is technical; we have small computers, big and flat televisions, movile phones, fax machines, ATMs.
Things you can contrast are how much better their technology is. They have walkie-talkies and radios that fit in your ear instead of in your hand, Televisions that are used as walls instead of eye sores on the wall. Their way of executing someone is by the Mechanical Hound, a deadly robot with poison, apposed to our society's lethal injection .


"Dogs are barking Sancho,signal that we ride”. The phrase, said by the noble Don Quixote De La Mancha, was used textually by Marcelo Tinelli days before, when he answer the Comfer, that had sanctioned his program “ShowMatch” by its famous “EROTIC POLE DANCE”.There is a reality that hurts: television lives in a constant vertigo, and not only by the atrocious competition between channel 13 and Telefe channel by rating points but also because he has arrived to an evil level . Sanity that, apparently, is rather far. Mainly, by the decision of Mr T(whose name I do not care to recall)to double the bet and to organise a new dance, this time with striptease included.But the pole dancing generated an effect that still continues shaking all the media. This week, all the newspapers were overloaded by letters that criticised not only the excesses of ShowMatch but also the scandals of the Argentine television, and made reference to cycles of a deep intellectual poverty but of great potential for the scandals, like the famous “big Brother”.We have seen the naked dancing of Julio Bocca and nobody was scandalised by it, because he is erotic, but of good taste and cultural quality.Cheap eroticism is necessary to leave it for porno videos. It is certain that we are free to turn off the television set or to change the channel. But it is also certain that what is seen at night and that generated more than 25 points of rating, is repeated in each one of the cycles in the morning and in the afternoon . The worse aspect of this, without a doubt, is the false success model that transmits to young children and adolescents. And it is here where government and parents must react and act at once. Because it would be very sad that in the near future, we end up seeing how, in the 15 celebration parties , the traditional waltz dance is replaced by an almost porno POLE DANCE around which the girls move their adolescent bodies to the rythm of any music.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

ENTRY 23-My dear Santa Cruz de la Sierra.Bolivia, my 2nd home.PART 1

I miss my way of living in Santa Cruz.I miss my ex-job ,I miss my friends, ex-colleagues, and students.
Santa Cruz de La Sierra, commonly known as Santa Cruz, is the capital city of the Santa Cruz department in eastern Bolivia. With a population of 1,528,683 inhabitants (2006 official estimate[2]), Santa Cruz is the largest city in Bolivia.The city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra is located in the eastern part of the country (17°45', South, 63°14', West) at 416 m above sea level. This city is part of the province of Andres Ibañez and it's the capital of the department (state) of Santa Cruz Bolivia.
The weather is semi-tropical, with an average annual temperature around 21°C (or 70°F). Although the weather is generally warm all year round, cold wind patterns, called "surazos", can blow in occasionally (especially in the winter) from the Argentine pampas making the temperature drop considerably. Official flag of Santa Cruz de la SierraCoat of arms of Santa Cruz de la Sierra
(Flag and Coat of arms) .

I arrived in Santa Cruz in 2002,expecting to find a job ,a new beginning, and a new home.After the arrival ,I felt quite nervous, ,but not frightened.It was a new city,a new culture ,a new environment, and a new country to know.Since I did not know where to go first ,I decided heading towards downtown.Once there,I looked for a cheap hotel ,because I only had the sum of U$S 115 .So I had to figure out how to expend the little money I had on me.I looked for about an hour around the city centre then I finally entered the small but cozy hotel.When I got into my room , I left me backpack and some other stuff on my bed and I went to sleep straightaway.It seemed that the bed was calling me ,waiting to give a nice and warm hug.That was at about 10 am.I woke up at about 6 pm ,I had been travelling for almost 48 hours.
Next morning, I met a person of my acquaintance.PABLO AGUIRRE,I WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT HE DID FOR ME.He allowed me to stay in his flat.And I did it for 14 days,until I found a low rent room.I remenber that day ,it was thursday.In the morning I started to find a job , as a teacher, or to have ajob at least.Later in time , I prepared my suit, and my curriculum vitae.
On friday morning, I moved towards thew city centre, where I supposed the majority of schools were.But after walking only 2 blocks ,I saw the first and my only school I worked for during those marvellous and miraculous 4 years.

TO BE CONTINUED...................


Stop, if the excrements and the urine of the dogs allow you in any of the city corners . Raise your sight and try to watch, before a cloud of toxic smoke (blown by buses that take printed the decree 3601, that advises not to play, not to smoke, not to drink and not to drug ) contaminate your lungs.You will observe that numerous and immense buildings are constructed, without pause, in downtown. Two of them in Cordoba first square, one in Balcarce 300, another one in Mendoza 100, another one in San Juan first square; and if you turn around,you will discover many others. The noises of the constructions are non-stop . There are no schedules for the profit. Without pause, the collapse of the water networks is prepared, of sewers,and electricity itself.Is respected some type of urban planning for the future? If there is, I doubt it. If you walk by Cordoba first square you will admire the residential complex of the Catalan architect Balsells, from 1927.I read taht it was declared of architectonic interest.It is made up of seven houses. Nevertheless, in number 62, something will dull the view to them. One of them has been demolished and in its replacement you will see a construction that breaks the harmony of the set. Is it that the laws are not respected? Who controls those buildings? Is it that the State and the province watch towards another part?.


To drink alcohol and to smoke used to be considered fashionable,but now are very bad habits ,they also are awful and terrible diseases.They are anti-social even almost criminal.I will tell why.
If we look at the facts ,as a nation we spent more on alcohol and tobacco than we do on educating our children ,or on doctors ,medicine and hospitals.Smokers and alcoholics of course are far more likely to come down with diseases like cirrhosis,cancer or chronic bronchitis,and have to be treated at the nation's expense,but not only do they ruin their own health but that of others like their families as well.In the case of smokers ,they force us to inhale the poison they blow into the air.This ,of course is dreadfully anti-social behaviour.
Having said that ,I would like to suggest the ways that ought to be done.
First,double or triple the tax on all forms of tobacco and alcohol.Second,ban all forms of alcohol and tobacco advertising.Third,ban smoking itself in all restaurants,public meetings places and places like schools and hospitals,because the 7575 law against smoking in public places recently passed in Tucuman, is not respected,not even in our institute ,Lola Mora .And fourth,protect young people more than we do at present day.
Now,I would like to discuss the kind of protection I have in mind.Among other strategies we could set the highest fine on anyone who sells tobacco and alcohol to people under the age of 18.And we could and must intensify our efforts to educate young people -to show them the dreadful effects of these horrendous habits-diseases.


Last week I travelled to Buenos Aires,due to the fact that I needed to run errands related to my recent bought house.I felt happy going there.There had been four long years since the last time I met my family.How colourful and amazing is Buenos Aires .How beautiful is autopista del sol,how nice and neat are the main entrances to the city.I arrived in the capital city at eight am sharp,the weather was extremely cold,1º C.Then I took the electric train to Villa Vallester ,where my family live.Once in Villa Vallester,my father and I decided to give them a surprise.We pretended to be postmen,and after ringing the bell my dear aunt appeared,she got shocked almost instantly.But she recovered in no time,she was delighted.Then,almost crying told us that she felt like having a deja-vu days before our arrival.
After the emotions,I met my grandmother ,uncle and cousins,they were all joyful.We were glad too,but rather tired by the trip.
On monday morning,my father and I devoted our time to finish the errands.Later in time,we thought we should buy some presents for my daughters and my lovely wife.So we took the train to San Martin city where the best shops are.Once we got there,we walked the whole pedestrian area ,enjoying our time a lot.We got surprised by the good quality and cheapness of the offers.Then having spent almost our entire money, we realized that it was time to go back to Vallester,the city where we were staying.
Tuesday began and with it the time to prepare our suitcases.Tucuman and our families where waiting for us.At 8.05 pm the confortable and neat bus started the journey,from Retiro bus station to San Miguel de Tucuman.We arrived in Tucuman five hours late because the bus brokedown in the middle of the road.
But that is another story......

Saturday, 9 June 2007


I watched a nice film recently.I would like to share my reactions and thoughts with you my friends.
Liar Liar is a funny and emotional story about a man who is torn between the seduction of materialism and the love of his son.The film shows the character of Fletcher Reede ,a guy who lies to get by.He needs to be a winner .He needs to have a good car ,the nice suit and the money.He makes all the wrong choices and it comes back to haunt him.
I believe that Jim Carrey's character;Fletcher makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time.To lie or not to lie it is a dilemma we all face at one time or another.
Carrey plays a lawyer who has to tell the truth for 24 hours.What a difficult task isn't it?.
The film was shot in and around the greater Los Angeles area,the main locations seen in the film include los Angeles International Airport, where the climax was filmed;down town's historic City Hall building and the New los Angeles City Jail.It also took place on a sound stage at Universal Studios.
After I enjoyed the film I thought about how complicated is for some people not to lie.That people seem to be in the struggle every single day.I feel pity for them.
Anyway,the key word here is to respect each other and by doing that you do not need to lie again.


Can video games be destructive to mental health? Can they actually desensitize people to the point where they cannot tell the difference between reality and virtual reality? The evidence will be presented for it, the evidence against it, and then I’ll show my own personal experience. You can draw your own results.
First of all, the evidence that video games promote violence. There actually is no conclusive evidence, either way, that video games cause violent behavior. But the games are violent, and in some cases do promote aggression, primarily in men rather than women.
Almost all first-person shooters are graphic and involve killing with high-powered weapons; blood and guts around are commonplace. One game’s claim to fame, Soldier of Fortune, is almost 200 different violent and bloody reactions to being shot, depending on where you shoot and the power of the gun. While these games are violent, there is still no conclusive evidence that they could influence a person to acting it out in real life. It still remains: games don’t kill people, people kill people. Some people cre ated game modifiers, to make it look like people, but then the games are not to blame, the people are.
And now, my own personal experience. Ever since I decided to do my essay on this topic, I have been playing extremely violent video games to see their effect on me. So far I have started and finished the Brothers in Arms Road to hill 30, Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood, Call of Dudy 1,2,3,Medal Of Honor 1,2,3.All these games related to WW2. So far, all of what this has done is taken away hours of my life. I have not had any violent thoughts towards anyone , and it is difficult for me even to imagine murdering someone.
My belief is still firmly pro -video games, even violent ones.A lot of people play, have played, and will play a number of violent video games in their lifetime. Video games are not to be blamed. Saying video games are to be blamed for recent violence like in the Virginia Tech Campus is not true at all.
Also, ratings are made for games. So my humble piece of advise ;check the rating and everyone will love each other again.