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Thursday, 26 April 2007


Taking care of the environment,is one of my favourite issues.I am a green person, I do care about global warming,I love living,sharing and bieng happy in our city.I like recycling plactic,paper steal,aluminium,etc so that they can be re-used again and again.By doing that I take care of my planet,and I help others who work and live by collecting them as well.
I am very happy,knowing that certain beauty industries are introducing ecologically sound business methods.As a customer,I like buying products with the label environmentally friendly .I believe that my purchase is my little contribution to the environment.

Tips: http://www.ecomall.com/biz/cleaning.htm
Choose products that are biodegradable and non toxic to humans and aquatic life.
Choose concentrated products, and be sure that they can work in cold water.
Choose products with a neutral pH.
Choose products in recycled, recyclable and refillable containers and packaging.
Avoid petroleum-derived ingredients. Instead choose surfactants derived from vegetable oil. Look for d-limonene and pine oil solvents.
Look for alternatives with sodium citrate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, and sodium silicate.
Avoid phosphates, Choose products with a phosphate concentration of 0.5% or less by weight.
Avoid products containing chlorine bleach or sodium hypochlorite.

All in all, why don't we change our nature destruction-related philosophy?


I am 35 years old,I like to read a lot,especially about our great history.However,Malvinas war was one of the many that call my attention.I have read,I have watched, and I have listened a lot about this issue.So as far as I know,I believe I may have the right to write about this hot issue.
I am aware that many young countrymen who fought in that improvised war,were severely punished for their actions or lack of actions in combat.But I have to take into consideration both sides of the story.
I was a soldier in 1991 ,I belonged to the glorious 19th infantry regiment corp located in Tucuman at that time.Therefore, I know the military code and I also know that during war times,lack of discipline,mutiny and cowardice are punished with the capital punishment.I have to be consciously objective in my analysis of whatever has happened in our islands.
I only want justice,but not a manipulated justice for those who fought and died in our islands.Let us refer back to our memory and give the war veterans the recognition and justice they deserve and expect from us so eagerly.


Wednesday, 25 April 2007


By reading the article,I felt hopeful about the Malvina's claim.We all know that the islands belong to Argentina.Moreover,knowing that some of the British media share our views,is something that sets a good precedent to later decisions. The British should start entartain the notion they might be better off being friendly to us.However,the islanders are adamant.They want to stay British,despite the fact that they are treated as citizens of 2nd category.Even though, they want nothing to do with Argentina.
I do not believe and I do not consider fair that in all dealings with Argentina about the islands'future,the wishes of the islanders should be considered as priority.
I believe that the best option our government have in order to recover the islands, is to gradually seduce the kelpers through the use of attention,affection kindness,and even gifts.Our current government and the successive ones,must be willing to devote considerable amounts of time,money,and energy in this process.In addition to that,we must be aware of the islander's needs and interests.For instance,very low prices in air tickets,a better education, and health servise than before,and very low taxes,to mention a few of them.
We must let them to know that they will be in better conditions under the Argentinian flag!!!!.
All in all,I am very optimist regarding this controversial issue,and I keep my faith that one day our beloved country, my ARGENTINA WILL EXERCISE THE LEGITIMATE RIGHTS OF SOVEREINTY OVER MALVINAS.

Saturday, 14 April 2007


I have many things to correct in my life.Frailties that are difficult to erase or change in a blink of an eye from my soul.Not to worry, or not to get angry, or not to be sad to mention a few of them.Those feelings are present in our everyday life.Those are feelings that cause us suffering and pain.Feelings that we must get rid of and reject from our heart.Otherwise they will ruin our body and soul, and we have just one body!!!!!.
I don't want to sound over-optimist or careless or cold heart.The fact is that I do have my worries,I do get angry and I do get sad,but the big difference is that the time piriod of that terrible feeling is getting shorter everyday.WE WERE BORN TO BE HAPPY, NOT TO SUFFER!!!!!.


Nowaday my first priority in life is practising Tai Chi.You may think I'm a complete fool or a crazy person to say that, but the fact is that you don't know the path I've taken .I'll explain the whole thing so that you can understand why I believe that Tai Chi is my priority.
By practising everyday,I feel better than before (I devote 40' a day, at least), If I feel happy , I can study,I can work, I can enjoy my family ,I can reinforce the relationship with my peers and classmates, etc.
Now that you know my point of view, think about it, and whenever you decide to follow me, I'll be happy to show you the way to improve yourself.


I'm one of the lucky who found the path to happiness and fitness ,and that path is practising Tai chi.
Tai chi is recommended for everyone ,without age limit,it is for you and me ,for your friends and my friends.All the people are welcomed to this discipline.I hope some day we gather to share it,and I'll say:thanks for coming!!!!.
you are welcome to change your life, you are welcome to re-born.A new beggining is ahead.Don't waste your time, hurry up!!!


Everyday is a challenge!!!!!!!!.I have known this for years,and it comes to my mind every time I feel about to give up something.We are in the struggle of becoming better people every single day.To be optimist,innocent ,caring,happy ,pure ,etc.Those beautiful feelings that we lost them since our childhood, we have to find the way to recover them again, and forever.I'm also aware that finding the path to that "new world, new way of living"is not an easy job.It depends on us ,in our will, our hope,whatever it takes , we must find that path.A way to a longer and happier life.


I woke up this morning trying to think what to write in my entry,and I remembered that since I started practising Tai chi(a year and a half ago),I feel extremely better, in all senses.I'm not saying that I don't get ill anymore , but the frecuency of being ill has decreased to such an extent that has almost disappeared.My allergy happens once in a blue moon .Moreover, many other frailties of my soul have improved as well.
In other words, I feel happier and fitter everyday.


Hello everybody and welcome to my blog.I hope you like and enjoy my newest and humble creation. My name's Enrique González.I'm a trainee teacher at Lola Mora tertiary education institute.I'm in 3rd year,and I need one year more to study in order to get my degree, hopefully.I'm thirty five years old.I'm married,I have two beautiful daugthers, they are Agustina and Moira.Agustina is three and a half years.Moira is one year old.I also have a big family. I'm an easygoing person,open-minded and I always try to live my life as happy as I can.That's not an easy task ,but I try it anyway.I like meeting people from all over the world,and learning from their cultures, especially from Latin America.
CARPE DIEM MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!